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Certification in Nuclear Medicine is voluntary. The two organizations which currently certify technologists in Nuclear Medicine are:

The Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB)
A candidate for examination must show documented evidence of one of the following:

  • Completion of a NMTCB recognized nuclear medicine technology program
  • Completion of a certificate, Associate Degree, or Baccalaureate Degree in a Nuclear Medicine Technology program from a regionally accredited institution.* Regionally accredited college and university programs must have structured clinical training sufficient to provide clinical competency in radiation safety, instrumentation, clinical procedures, and radiopharmacy. This should require approximately 1,000 hours of clinical training supervised by program faculty.

    *Schools, colleges, or universities accredited by one of the six regional accrediting bodies:
        -Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
        -North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
        -New England Association of Colleges and Schools
        -Northwest Association of Colleges and Schools
        -Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
        -Western Association of Colleges and Schools

Alternate eligibility and non-USA trained candidates must meet the criteria listed below. Required documentation will include and not be limited to a complete program description with course descriptions, contact hours, and documentation of clinical experience. Proof of graduation must be part of the documentation.

  1. Completion of one of the following education requirements:
    • A Baccalaureate or Associate Degree in one of the physical or biological sciences
    • A Baccalaureate or Associate Degree in other disciplines with successful completion of courses in the following areas: college algebra, physics, chemistry, human anatomy, and physiology.
    • National certification as a Registered Medical Technologist (MT)
    • National certification as a Registered Radiographer (RT)
    • Registered Nurse license (RN)
    • National Certification as a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS)
    • National certification as a Radiation Therapist (RTT)
  2. Clinical experience must include:
    • Four years or 8000 hours of clinical experience in Nuclear Medicine Technology under the supervision of a physician (MD/DO) board certificed in nuclear radiology (ABR), or nuclear medicine (ABNM), or isotopic pathology (ABP), or an authorized physician user of radioactive materials with special competency in nuclear medicine.
  3. Didactic coursework requirements:
    • Satisfactory completion of a minimum of 15 contact hours of course work in each of the following areas: radiopharmacy, nuclear medicine instrumentation, and radiation safety. Only coursework from an accredited college or university, nuclear medicine program, or approved continuing education credits recognized by the NMTCB (such as VOICE/ECE) will be accepted.

NOTE: Individuals who graduated from a Nuclear Medicine Technology or related program in another country should contact the NMTCB office for eligibility requirements.

CNMT's who believe they have equivalent qualifications may petition the Credentials Committee for consideration. Documentation is required.

For additional information on the NMTCB, please visit or call 400-315-1739.

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT)
A candidate for examination must show evidence of the following:

  • Completion of a formal education program accredited by the ARRT. Applicants for registration as Radiographers, Nuclear Medicine Technologists, or Radiation Therapists must have sccessfully completed an accredited program in Radiography, Nuclear Medicine Technology, or Radiation Therapy Technology respectively.
  • Good moral character. Generally the conviction of either a felony, or any offense, misdemeanor or felony involving moral turpitude may indicate a lack of good character.

For additional information on the ARRT, please visit or call 651-687-0048.

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